About Us

Vermont Cheese Curds

Nothin’ But Curd is owned and operated by Jacques & Roberta Royer in Troy Vermont at the base of Jay Peak.  Our artisan cheese curds are made in small batches right here on the farm in our state-of-the-art facility. The milk to create our delicious cheese curds is sourced right here on the family farm and neighboring farms by some of Vermont’s Finest Dairy cows.

Jacques works with the cows in the dairy, and Roberta makes the cheese. 


Milking Organic Milk Vermont

Cheese Curds are created through a process of cheese-making that is unique to the region, namely Quebec. Northern Vermont, and especially the Northeast Kingdom is rich with Canadian flavor and culture, which is why Cheese Curds are something that we take so seriously.  They have a signature flavor, texture and of course the classic “squeak” that make them so enjoyable. We invite you to try our cheese curds and enjoy an experience that is uniquely Vermont!